Rules & Regulation

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Rule & Regulation

Genaral Rules

New Admission : If by any rule of the marksheet is refused or withheld then the admission will be provisional and will be cancelled. Transfer Certificate: Parents of new entrants to Class II upwards must submit the required Transfer Certificate from the child's previous School, duly endorsed by the concerned authority before completing the Admission form. No admission can be confirmed without a T.C. School Timings: 8.00 am - 1.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

Attendance: No pupil should be absent from School without an application or telephonic intimation from parents or guardians stating the reason for absence. Absence upto three days should be noted in the diary (this applies to senior classes as well) and signed by the parent. Parents must send a written application if the student has to be away for a longer period. Unreported absences will incur strict disciplinary action and the concerned pupil will be debarred from School entertainment programmes. Please note that irregular or less than 75% attendance (only a 5% margin at the discretion of the Principal will be allowed for serious illnesses) will render the concerned pupil ineligible to sit for the final exams and may even result in termination of the pupil's admission. Parents of pupils should keep a strict check on attendance.

Exemption from Sports and Yoga/Karate will not be allowed except for special medical reasons, in which case the Parent must contact the School authorities personally. School Fees: All Fees are payable in advance. Last date for payment of Bus / Transport fees (as per route given in the Fees Book) is the 7th day of every month in which they fall due (or the next working day if the 7th is a holiday.)

Last date for payment of School Fees indicated in the Fees Card is the 10th day of every month in which they fall due (or the next working day if the 10th is a holiday.) Fees received after the aforesaid date, will be entered in the arrears records and an additional late fee per day will be made on Tuition Fees till the final payment of dues. If the School fees have not been paid for one month the student's name is liable to be struck off the School Register without any reminder or notice and he/she will no longer be a bona fide student of the School. If re- admitted, admission fees will be charged. Board Examination Classes: All dues and fees upto June of the on-going session must have been defrayed before obtaining the Roll No./Admission card for the Board Examinations. All dues of the year must be cleared before the final examination. One month's notice must be given before the withdrawal of a pupil from the School, in lieu of which a month's fees will be charged. A Transfer Certificate, will only be issued when the full year's fees are defrayed.

Bus passes are compulsory in order to avail of School bus facilities. Students must show their bus passes before boarding the bus.

The names of pupils who do not attend School after 10th July without intimation from their parents will automatically be deleted from the School register. The fees for July will have to be paid in lieu of the required notice period before a T.C. is issued. If re-admitted, admission fees will be charged anew. One month's notice must be given before withdrawal of a pupil from the Bus Service in lieu of which a month's fees will be charged. All fees are subject to change at short notice, if required, in accordance with and in proportion to increased payments to staff as per revised Government schedules, additional taxes imposed by the Government and increase in prices of essential commodities. As Tuition and Transport fees go towards payments of salaries and Bus contracts respectively, there will be no concession in fees for interim holidays, enforced broken periods or early closure of Schools due to unforeseen circumstances. Only caution money will be refundable in case Parents withdraw their ward after admission or in mid-session.

The original receipt of caution money must be submitted at the Fees Counter together with an application for the same. Transport: Buses ply to and from the School. A list of stoppages and timings can be obtained at the office for those who wish to avail of the Transport Service. Parents are requested not to ask for special facilities. They should ensure that the child is left and met at the proper stop on time. The authorities are not responsible once the child leaves the transport. Each bus pupil must carry the Bus Pass.


Parents are expected to give due importance to the implementation of the codes of conduct laid down by the School. Students are not permitted to bring fireworks, crackers, dangerous sharp articles, cell phones, magazines, papers, books, cards, unhygienic or offensive material to School. It should be noted that any such reported or observed objectionable conduct by pupils in or out of School shall render them liable to strict disciplinary action and penalisation in terms of extra work, deduction of marks in examinations, being detained after classes, fines or even expulsion from the School. Cell phones are prohibited and will be confiscated until the end of the School Year. All contact or communication by students or their parents with teachers, if necessary, is to be maintained through the Office of the Principal. Any student who visits or telephones any teacher's house regarding school matters will face strict disciplinary action. Any damage to School property will be charged individually,or where the culprits of vandalism are not detected, collectively to the group or class of pupils. Recalcitrant pupils will be expelled from the School. Unless the dues for damages are paid in full. The No-Dues Certificat will not be issued [see Rule 6(o)]. Damage caused by a student or group of students in the bus will be assessed and charged accordingly. The transport facility of the concerned student/students will be withdrawn forthwith and the parents informed about the same. This also applies to indiscipline and untoward behaviour in the bus. Indian Culture and Tradition awards a great position of honour and respect to teachers. All parents are requested to keep this in mind while communicating with any member of the Staff or Administration. ON NO ACCOUNT are pupils or their parents to give gifts for any purpose or occasion to the teachers. It is forbidden to organise parties or to celebrate personal events. The administration strongly disapproves of familiar relationships with teachers. Gifts and tokens of appreciation are supplied on behalf of the pupils on Teachers' Day by the School.